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We are happy to announce the beginning of VIP’s blog. This is something we have been planning for a long time but life and dirty carpets just kept getting in the way ?
When we started this blog we wanted to make sure we had enough time to do it properly. To fill it with info that was relevant to home owners in New South Wales, info that our customers would want to comment on and engage with. Blogs that saved our customers time and money, extended the life of their carpet, tiles and upholstery and helped them keep their homes in a clean and sanitary.

We will be releasing a new blog every week so be sure to check back in with us Monday the twentieth of November 2017 for our first official topic. For this week you will have to be content with an upcoming list of attractions.

Air Quality in your home.

How important is it and how do you maintain it?
These days people are obsessed with fitness, and health. What they put in to their bodies in terms of food and liquid but very rarely do we stop to think about the air we breathe. We try not breath in smog as a bus goes by and while the air in the city might not be as fresh as the Hill’s District of Sydney anyone who has seen a major city in asia knows we have it pretty good. Until recently people didn’t think twice about the air in their suburban home. But each home is different, each having its own mico eco system that effects the air quality your breath in. And like any eco system if you pollute it will become dangerous to live in.

Floor Inspections.

How to tell what state the floor is in beneath the carpets or floor boards.
Carefully inspecting any home or commercial property before you sign on the dotted line is an absolute must. Of course, when you’re talking about sums of money in the hundreds of thousands of dollars it’s best not to risk it and call in an expert. But there are easy to spot problems that you can look for before you get in an expert. The foundation of the house is the most important aspect to its structural integrity. That’s why it’s also the most costly to repair. Peter E from Vital Building & Pest Inspections Sydney helps out with some solid advice so you don’t get caught out.

The Health risks of underlay.

Are your comfortable carpets putting your children at risk?
There’s no denying the obvious, underlay is soft and luxurious like walking through the VIP section of heaven. But if you have ever taken up your old carpet or watched someone that has you no doubt noticed the years of dust, dirt and germ covered nastiness that was lying underneath. Some experts have serious concerns about growing raspatory problems amongst young Australians and how that might link to what’s under your feet. We take a closer look at the underside of the floor and run you through ideas on how to keep you underlay clean if you cannot live without it.

Commercial Grade Carpet
VS normal blue-collar carpet. Spill test, life span and pricing.

A lot people don’t even realise there is such a thing as commercial grade carpet. Many retailers don’t stock it as the sooner your carpet is worn out the sooner you have to buy some more. Smart businesses model, no? But there is such a thing and chances are there is a carpet store close to you that stocks a small range of it. Is it worth the extra money and is it suitable for a home these and many more exciting carpet questions coming soon.

Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

How to know what’s safe and what to stay away from.
Carpet Cleaners use a diverse range of products to return your carpets, mattresses and furniture to sanitary and beautiful state. Unfortunately some companies (and even store bought products) come with some very serious health implications, especially for families that have children crawling around on the floor. The use or over use of certain chemicals can even shorten the life span of your carpet or upholstery by eating away at the fibres causing weakness in the material or discoloration. But don’t worry there is a good range of Aussie made Child Friendly products that will kill germs and bacteria without endangering your health or the quality of your house hold possessions.

A Look at Sydney’s Weather

And how to protect your furniture and flooring from it.
Australia experiences some of the harshest and most diverse weather anywhere in the world. These extremes obviously have an impact on your home and the things inside it. From cold rainy winters to summers of more than 40+ degrees Celsius. Join us as we explore the effect Sydney’s weather is having on your piece of the Australian dream and more importantly what you can do about protecting it.

VIP Carpet Steam Cleaning Team

From the entire VIP Carpet Cleaning Team Here in Sydney we sincerely hope you will find value in these upcoming articles and that you and your family can take the information inside to live a little healthier and a little happier. If you are looking for a free personalized quote or advice please feel free to call through, we would be happy to help. And if you have any ideas for future Blog topics you can request them in comments sections at the bottom of any blog. We read all comments and respond personally to everyone so we hope to hear from you.

Chris Smith.

Is the owner and managing director of VIP Carpet Cleaners and has more than 15 years’ experience in the Carpet Cleaning industry. He built VIP carpet cleaning to offer a premium service of skill, products and trained staff at fair prices. Using Australian made machinery and non-toxic, eco and child friendly chemicals VIP has built itself to become the preferred choice for Sydney home owners and is recognized as a leader of the industry across all of New South Wales.

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